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The Original Japanese Konnyaku Facial/Body Bath Sponge

The original 100% natural konnyaku facial & body bath sponge has weak alkalinity; it can neutralize the acidic substance on the face through the layer of water between the sponge and face. This layer of water is possible due to the water retention and absorption capability of the facial & body bath sponge. In addition, due to the Konnyaku fibre's unique net like structure, not only does it gives massage effect on the skin that promotes blood circulation, but it also get rid of dirt from the skin easily.

In addition, Konnyaku Sponge works very well with non-foamy cleanser like Sakura Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser. Due to it's porosity and water retention properties, it is able to generate bubbles/foam for more effective cleaning and moisturising effect. .

Konnyaku Sponge Special Benefits:

  • Gentle exfoliation. Brings natural shine to your skin.
  • Deep cleansing. Removes blackheads, dirt & oil on skin pores.
  • Gentle PH balancing of your skin.
  • Excellent smooth texture ideal for even dry and sensitive skin.
  • Naturally moisturizes your skin when you wash.


Strongly Recommended for:

  1. Facial skin suffering from thick makeup..
  2. Teenage skin suffering from acnes and breakouts
  3. Sensitive skin with weak protective barrier.
  4. Over-drying skin.
  5. Babies’skin, whose protective barrier is not fully developed.
  6. Atopic skin.
  7. Skin suffering from pimples or rashes.

Konnyaku facial & body bath sponge was developed initially for baby use in Japan and it proliferated to a beauty product used by millions of Japanese. The gentle texture of the bath sponge exfoliates dead cells while invigorating the face and body, leaving the skin with a soft luster and radiantly youthful glow. The facial & body bath sponge also has property of water retention, elasticity, soft touch feeling, washing effectiveness and non-allergy.

You can use from the atopy/allergy/sensitive skin to the dry skin, regardless of skin quality, age from the baby to the adult. These include skin suffering from pollutants in the air, thick makeup, skin that does not wear makeup easily and babies' skin whose protective barriers are not fully developed.

Optimal for Sensitive Skin

If our skin is strongly rubbed with a body brush or nylon sponge, it is very liable to a pigmentary deposit, which is a primary cause of dark specks on the skin. The neutralizing and disintegrating effect of Konnyaku sponge makes them very suitable for sensitive skins.

Soothing Effect On the Skin Suffering from Pimples or Rashes

Pimples or rashes must be kept clean so that the propagation of bacteria may be blocked. However, excessive cleansing can do more harm to the skin instead. But using Konnyaku sponge made up of fine-veined and excellent moisturizing fibre, will not cause such irritation or damage to the skin.








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